How to Designate Another Person to Pick Up a Vote by Mail Ballot

Five days prior to an Election Day, or on Election Day itself, a voter may designate another person (other than a candidate) to pick up a ballot for him/her from the Supervisor of Elections office.  This designation must be in writing.  It must include the voter's name, date of birth, residence address and signature. The designee must be mentioned by name and if he/she is a member of the voter's immediate family, the relationship to the voter must be stated.  The voter may write a letter or use the Vote by Mail Ballot Elector Designee form. 

If you are picking up an absentee ballot for someone other than yourself, you must have the following:
  • Written and signed authorization from the voter designating the person to pick up the ballot and, if related, stating the relationship to the voter or the completed Vote by Mail Ballot Elector Designee form.
  • Designee photo identification.
No one may pick up more than two (2) ballots for other voters, except for members of their immediate family as stated in Florida Statute 101.62.